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Increasing product complexity

Because customers demand customized solutions, the required knowledge to keep track of all the features in the product offering is increasing dramatically. Let the Elfskot configurator manage this complexity for you.

Increasing product complexity
Distribution costs are higher

Distribution costs increase

Increased product complexity results in an inefficient organization. Existing processes and IT-infrastructure often do not match with today’s market complexity. The Elfskot configurator increases efficiency by automating the administrative processes.

Tomorrow’s customers buy online

The digitalization of sales cannot be ignored. By using the Elfskot configurator, your product can be constructed online by the end customer.

business customers buy products online

The Elfskot Sales Generator

Our user friendly configurator allows for a simple and easy to use environment for both sales staff and end customers.

  • Product Configurator
  • act configurator minor
  • homburg configurator
  • Cross-sell and upsell possibilities
  • Active support for both dealers and distributors
  • Region support by localizing e.g. languages, pricing, etc.
  • Integrate with your existing IT-infrastructure
  • Powerful tools to manage your distribution channel activities

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