Elfskot Product Configurator

Lots of customization, without the hassle


Sell directly to your end customer

Your end customers want to be served like a king on the web. That is why we give the ability to present the Elfskot Configurator on your website. Make your end customer configure his personalized product in minutes, get a quotation instantly and order directly. Keep control on your sales channel, without intereference of intermediary sales reps and increase your sales with cross- and upselling.
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Faultless, so cost-cutting

Passing through a quotation to your ERP has never been so much fun: One click, and done! You are always ensured that the order is getting processed correctly, because the Elfskot Configurator rules out any faults and syncs directly to your ERP or other IT-systems.

Customized production requires customized quotations

Your processes for customized production are up to date. Now it is time to update your sales channel; customized production asks for customized quotations. No more sweating above your calculator, no more messing in MS Word: The Elfskot Configurator delivers fast en fluently 100% faultless and beautiful looking quotations.
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Fiets product configurator
Cartoon product configurator

What you see is what you get

Seriously, we get feedback from clients like: “Is thís possible?!” and “Jawbreaking!”. The future is already here, with the Elfskot Configurator. What you see is impressive, in any browser.

Also for you? Sure; especially for you!

The Elfskot Configurator is suited for every product, within every market, for every target group. We just wanted everyting and anything to be possible, so that is how we developed our configurator. For you.
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Laptop met product configurator
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Everyone can do this

We developed the Elfskot Configurator from the users’ point of view. Every step is logical, the system explains itself. That is why you need virtually no training at all for setting up the configurator. Everyone understands it, everyone can do it.

Experience the demo yourself

What bicycle would you like to order? Experience the impressing visuals of the Elfskot Configurator. Excited to see the highly user-friendly management system of the configurator? Ask us for an extensive demo.
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